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David Rovics
10.03.14 08:05


David Rovics

Am 21. Mai 2014 gibt David wieder ein Konzert im Café Buchoase in Kassel

21.05.2014 - David Rovics - Liedermacher aus USA.

Aktuelle Politische Lieder gegen Krieg und für Menschen- und Völkerrechte. David Rovics: Der Sänger und Liedermacher David Rovics, geboren 1967, gilt als die musikalische Stimme der US-amerikanischen Antikriegsbewegung singt und spielt am Mittwoch, den 21.5.2014 um 19.00 Uhr im KulturSaal des Café Buch-Oase, Germaniastr. 14, Kassel-West im Rahmen einer Europa-Tournee. Eintritt: 10 € / 7 € erm. Vorbestellungen unter: mail@cafebuchoase.de Mitte der 1990er Jahre ließ er sein Leben als Straßenmusiker in den U-Bahnen von Boston hinter sich. Seitdem steht er an der Seite vieler anderer namhafter kritischer Künstler und Bürgerrechtler weltweit auf der Bühne. Immer wieder wird Rovics' Musik mit jener von Woody Guthrie und Pete Seeger verglichen. In ihrer Klarheit und Schärfe über die bestehenden Verhältnisse heben sich seine Texte jedoch von jenen seiner berühmten Vorgänger ab. Rovics bezieht in seinen Liedern klare Positionen gegen Rassismus und gegen die weltweit zunehmenden Kriege der USA und ihrer Verbündeten. Er stellt sich gegen die Diskriminierung der Muslime durch den Generalverdacht auf Terrorismus und unterstützt in vielen Liedern die Rechte des palästinensischen Volkes. In vielen seiner Stücke wird der Widerstand gegen den deutschen Faschismus und vergangene Kolonialkriege gewürdigt. Sein aktuelles Album „Big Red Sessions“ ist einem Zufall zu verdanken. Ein Spendenaufruf zur professionellen Aufnahme eines Liedes zur Unterstützung des inhaftierten mutmaßlichen Wikileaks-Informanten Bradley Manning war so erfolgreich, daß Rovics ein ganzes Album produzieren konnte. Welches Thema er auch aufgreift, ob er politische Texte, Liebeslieder oder seine Kinderlieder aufführt, sie alle haben eines gemeinsam: Rovics' gefühlvolle Interpretation fesselt die Zuhörer. Er läßt sie lachen, schmunzeln und weinen.

21.05.14 19:00 Uhr | KulturSaal | Konzert | Eintritt: 10 € - 7 € erm.


Veranstalter: David Rovics (USA

Ich habe mit David verabredet, dass seine Veranstaltungen in Deutschland (Europa) auch in diesem Forum angekündigt werden und seine Newsletter zu neuen Songs hier veröffentlicht werden.

10.03.14 21:37


Re: David Rovics

Sun, 01 Dec 2013 22:22:52

Hi folks in EUROPE,

Well, it's December 1st, which seems like a good excuse to send out a friendly reminder that in exactly 5 months from today I will be landing in continental Europe (after a month in Great Britain). So far I've got 3 confirmed gigs -- one in Denmark and two in Switzerland. Which is a great start, but many more gigs would be most welcome! If there's anybody out there anywhere in Europe who might be inclined to put something together, I would sure love to hear from you...


14.03.14 12:39


Re: David Rovics

Occupy Wall Street
by David Rovics


Because this is where they buy the politicians
Because this is where power has its seat
Because ninety-nine percent of us are suffering
At the mercy of the madmen on this street
Because all of us are victims of class warfare
Being waged on us by the one percent
Because these greedy banksters rob the country
Leaving us without the means to pay the rent
Because the last time that we had a decent government
Was about 1932
Because we the people are supposed to run the country
But instead it’s all run by and for the few
Because now we know the rich do not pay taxes
But when they need a hand it’s us who bail them out
Because we suspected we lived in a plutocracy
But suddenly of late there is no doubt

And so we’re gonna stay right here (2x)

Because both my parents lost their savings
Because I have never opened an account
Because the interest on my credit card just doubled
And now I can’t pay the minimum amount
Because these budget cuts are just immoral
With our schools as overcrowded as they are
Because there are no buses where I live
But I can’t afford to drive a car
Because so many of us don’t have health insurance
The rest of us have it but it sucks
Because the rich are riding in their private jets
While the rest of us are slogging through the muck
Because capitalism isn’t working
This system has just failed to produce
Because the one percent is prospering
While the rest of us just suffer their abuse

And so we’re gonna stay right here (2x)

Because it has been demonstrated amply
That the winners are the ones who stick around
Because this world should belong to everyone
Not just the banksters who would smash it to the ground
Because we’ve noticed voting doesn’t change things
When the politicians are mostly millionaires
Because we’re learning how to stand up like Tunisians
Like they did in Tahrir Square
Where a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi
Struck a match that lit up all the Earth
And all around the world the spell was broken
And a movement for the future was in birth
Because there’s only so much sh** the rich can feed us
Before we figure out which side we’re on
Because we’ve learned if we want our liberation
It will come only if we stay here til the rising of the dawn

And so we’re gonna stay right here (2x)

Because corporations are not people
And we can’t just let them choose
Because if we leave our fate to them
Then all of us will surely lose
Because the climate clock is ticking
And we can’t just leave our world behind
Because corporate rule isn’t working
And it’s time for humans’ hearts and minds
Because you can’t take it with you
Because the rich just do not care
Because it doesn’t matter how much you make
But how much you can share
Because these moments don’t come often
Because we want truly to be free
Because we know what really matters
Something called society

And so we’re gonna stay right here (5x)

14.03.14 12:44


Re: David Rovics

David Rovics. "I'm a better anarchist than you"

I don't drive a car
'cause they run on gas
but if I did
it'd run on biomass
I ride a bike
or sometimes a skateboard
so fuck off all you drivers
and your yuppie hordes
sitting all day
in the traffic queues
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't eat meat
Ii just live on moldy chives
or the donuts that I found
in last week's dumpster dives
look at you people in that restaurant
I think you are so sad
when you coulda been eating bagels
like the ones that i just had
I think it is a shame
all the bourgeois things you do
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't wear leather
and I like my clothes in black
and I made a really cool hammock
from a moldy coffee sack
I like to hop on freight trains
I think that is so cool
it's so much funner doing this
than being stuck in school
I can't believe you're wearing
those brand new shiny shoes
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't have sex
and there will be no sequel
because heterosexual relationships
are inherently unequal
I'll just keep moshing
to rancid and the clash
until there are no differences
in gender, race or class
all you brainwashed breeders
you just haven't got a clue
I'm a better anarchist than you

I am not a pacifist
I like throwing bricks
and when the cops have caught me
and i've taken a few licks
I always feel lucky
if I get a bloody nose
because I feel so militant
and everybody knows
by the time
the riot is all through
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't believe in leaders
I think consensus is the key
I don't believe is stupid notions
like representative democracy
whether or not it works
I know it is the case
that only direct action
can save the human race
so when I see you in your voting booths
then I know it's true
I'm a better anarchist than you


14.03.14 12:59


Re: David Rovics

David Rovics - I Wanna Go Home


I was born a refugee
And I don't know if I'll ever see
The old farmhouse I've heard about
But it's where I belong, there is no doubt
'Cause my whole family is from that farm
And we never did nobody harm
And if you're confused by what you've heard
Let me boil it down to a single word

I wanna go home...

And I have heard my grandpa say
That on the street most every day
The neighbors' kids would kick a ball
With my dad when he was small
We were Christians, they were Jews
But it was no big deal, religious views
So it was strange when at the point of a gun
Across the river we had to run


We had dabkeh, we had songs
And we all knew where we belonged
We grew crops, life was good
There in the land where Jesus stood
Now we're scattered everywhere
But there's no peace anywhere
I'm just searching for some kind of sign
For some way back to Palestine



16.03.14 19:25


Re: David Rovics

Den neuesten Newsletter von David kannst du hier lesen :


Du findest dort die Links zu den neuesten Songs Zu Ukraine und TTIP und mehr . . .

Zu TTIP hier die Infografik von campact:


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