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25.04.19 05:01
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" Primary school students in Atushi cheap nike air max 2017 black , Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, play football on a dusty playground, on June 3. Photo: CFP
It's noon on August 2. The sun is high in the sky, and the temperature has pushed past 30. Heedless of the hot sun, two teenage football teams, in red and yellow, are competing hard against each other on the playground of a primary school in Kashgar cheap nike air max 2017 leather , Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Occasionally, one of the teens takes a hard tumble trying to steal the ball. They get right back up and go back to playing hard.

While Chinese soccer is widely recognized as weak, improving the level of play by injecting fresh blood has emerged as an alternative path to realizing China's soccer dreams. The young players in Xinjiang have been a strong feeder for Chinese football nationally.

It is routine training for primary school football players in Kashgar. For months they've been getting ready for the Xinjiang Teenager Football League. Even though classes are out for the summer, young football players come to the school to practice football for three hours in the morning and the afternoon.

They never complain, because they have a common goal: winning. The top team in Xinjiang league qualifying gets to represent Xinjiang in the National Teenager Football League.

For the past three years, football has flourished in Xinjiang's primary and middle schools, making the region a hotspot for teenage football. Teams from Xinjiang have won numerous prizes both in and out of China.

In July cheap nike just do it air max , a team from Urumqi's No.5 Primary School defeated teams from South Korea and Japan to take the championship in an international tournament held in Weifang, Shandong Province.

Also in July, the primary school affiliated to Kashgar's No.14 Middle School placed first in the National Teenager Football Champions League, Xinjiang's third consecutive win. The previous two years, Urumqi No.5 Primary School took the title.

Stars have emerged from these tournaments. Caesar Adili scored 30 goals as the top scorer in last year's tournament, while his teammate Alimu Ali scored 25.

Local authorities have offered strong support for the development of teenage football in recent years by implementing series of policies aimed at boosting the influence of the football and improving sports culture in the region.

In November 2002, the Song Qingling Football School www.anybates.com , co-sponsored by the Song Qingling Foundation and the Xinjiang Sports Bureau, was unveiled. The school, dedicated to training Chinese football talent, has supplied over 600 professional football players.

In April 2009, the State General Administration of Sport and the Department of Education organized national campus football games and activities, requiring primary and middle schools in provinces and cities to develop football.

Urumqi and Kashgar were among 16 key cities asked to support the development of football

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