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25.04.19 07:53

LONDON Cheap Nike Air Max 90 White Canada , Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- London Zoo released video Thursday ofits latest arrival, a Hanuman langur monkey, playfully exploringunder the watchful eye of her proud mom.

Born to first-time parents, Saffron and Rex Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Blue Canada , after a 200-daygestation, zookeepers were delighted when they first spotted thetiny pink-faced monkey early on the morning of July 23.

Zookeeper Agnes Kiss said: "To mark the occasion we've calledher Kamala, which means lotus flower in Gujarati -- the sign ofbeauty, fertility and prosperity."

Kamala's upbringing is a community affair Cheap Nike Air Max 90 We Love Nike Canada , which is natural forHanuman langurs. Her dad Rex is staying protectively close to hisfirst born, while another female, Lucy, has been spotted carefullycarrying Kamala around Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Womens Canada , giving Saffron mom a well-deserved restevery now and again.

Kiss added: "At the moment she has a pale face and downy darkfur, but it won't be long before her skin turns black and her coatthickens and turns a magnificent silver -- just like herparents.

"She'll also grow into her large ears, which are perfect forpicking up subtle noises over long distances. Hanuman langurs actas an early warning system for other wildlife, making loud 'barks'from high in the treetops to warn of a lion's approach Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Essential Canada ," sheadded.

Hanuman langurs are widespread throughout Asia, and are namedafter the Hindu god of healing and worship. Enditem

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