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08.05.19 05:11
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SEOUL adidas zx 700 dame udsalg , June 9 (Xinhua) -- South Korea's health authorities are closely monitoring whether the third phase of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) epidemic would materialize as infectees were found in new hospitals.

Eight more MERS contagions were added in South Korea on Tuesday, bringing the total number to 95, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. One more death was reported, sending the total death toll to seven.

Among the new cases were three infectees, who contracted the corona virus from the 14th patient for three days from May 27 at the emergency room of the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul.

The 14th infectee was estimated to have transported the virus from the Pyeongtaek St. Mary's Hospital in the city of the same name, around 60 km south of Seoul adidas zx 700 udsalg , to the Samusng Medical Center as he traveled by bus to Seoul from the city.

No single MERS contagion was found Tuesday at the Pyeongtaek hospital, where the patient zero transferred the virus to about 40 people, including the 14th patient, indicating that the first phase of epidemic may have ended.

The second stage of epidemic at the Samsung Medical Center showed signs of appeasement as the infection case at the hospital reduced from 17 on Monday to three on Tuesday. The contagion case at the hospital totaled 37 as of Tuesday.

Given that the 14th patient stayed at the Samsung Medical Center until May 29, no more contagion is forecast to be identified at the hospital from June 12 when the incubation period of two weeks ends.

One more person was infected from the 16th patient at the Konyang University Hospital in Daejeon, a city at the center of South Korea adidas zx 750 dame udsalg , but the total infection was limited to eight as of Tuesday.

The problem was that the remaining four contagions were found at three new general hospitals in Seoul and the Gyeonggi Province, raising possibility for the launch of the third epidemic stage.

The 94th patient, tested positive Tuesday, had contact with the 15th patient for two days to May 28. The 71-year-old man was accepted on May 15 to the Hallum University Medical Center in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, and moved on May 28 to an unidentified sanatorium housing many of the elderly suffering from chronic illnesses. As all the MERS deaths in South Korea came from those already having illnesses adidas zx 750 udsalg , the convalescent hospital could cause more fatalities.

The 90th patient, who already suffered from liver cancer, was confirmed positive Tuesday after contacting with the 14th patient at the Samsung Medical Center on May 27. The 62-year-old man came back to his home in Okcheon, North Chungcheong Province that day.

He strode down the county without any hindrance until he was admitted on June 6 to the intensive care unit of the Eulji University Hospital in Daejeon. During the 10-day period, he visited three hospitals in his hometown and had close contact with his families, neighbors and medical staffs.

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