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08.05.19 05:44
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CAIRO cheap nike air max , Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- A heavy sound of explosion was heard on Friday afternoon around Ramses Hilton hotel near Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, Xinhua correspondent at Tahrir reported.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian state TV said that the police arrested an unknown person who was riding a bike and threw a sound bomb from a nearby bridge that resulted in no casualties.

On the other hand, Xinhua photographer at Cairo's Matariya neighborhood reported earlier that two people were shot dead during clashes between policemen and protestors.

Earlier in the day nike air max mens uk , an Egyptian army senior officer was gunned down in drive-by shooting attack by unidentified assailants in Cairo's Nasr City neighborhood.

Egypt's army and police have taken high security measures and deployed across the country's main squares and government buildings due to the calls for holding massive anti-government protests on Friday by the ultraconservative Islamist group Salafists Front.

Supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi planned large anti-government protests on Friday across the country, while the Interior Ministry has been intensifying security nationwide in response.


Vietnam represents a Southeastern Asian country with a population over 90 million. China, Laos and Cambodia surround Vietnam. Its culture is diverse and represents people of all ages. Tourism remains high in the country. Like most countries, Vietnam offers holidays. The Vietnamese celebrate holidays for a number of reasons nike air max womens uk , including religious and cultural. Some of these Vietnam holidays are well-known, while few celebrate other Vietnam holidays. Unlike some countries where a holiday receives representation at a time, the Vietnamese holidays can combine different holiday celebration. One benefit of this process involves closing up schools and shops for the Vietnam holidays.

Tet (the Vietnamese New York) represents one of the most popular Vietnam holidays. The Vietnamese view the holiday as a combination of holidays. The term Tet means Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday all at once. The holiday celebration occurs between late January and early February based on the Lunar calendar. Tet allows for family and friends to gather for up to 3 days. In some communities nike air max shoes uk , the celebration last up to 7 days. During the holiday celebration, family and friends enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes. One common dish is Mang, which combines pork and boiled bamboo shoots inside of a tasty, hot soup.

Tet Trung Thu (Vietnamese Mid Autumn Festival) represents another popular part of Vietnam Holidays. Normally nike air max online uk , the celebration occurs in the 8th month on the fifteenth day of the Lunar calendar (around October). The celebration acts as a Halloween celebration mixed with Thankgiving, and children become active participates. Vietnamese children of all ages participate in street festivals. These children carry lanterns in different-shaped lanterns, such as butterflies. One popular food eaten is moon cake. Moon cakes have orange peels, lotus seed and ground beans. Its center includes a yellow yoke and offers the creamy flavor. Food is popular with Vietnam holidays

Children are valued members of the Vietnamese family. Many Vietnam holidays focus of the children and their happiness. For instance nike air max free shipping uk , the Vietnamese children participate in International Children’s Day, which takes place in June, and has become popular in some countries. Children celebrate the holiday similar to Tet Trung Thu. In some communities, the children celebrate in June and August. Once again nike air max wholesale uk , the Vietnamese prepare their favorite dishes, ranging from soups to cakes. Since the holiday centers on the children, some families listen to the children read poetry or children’s stories. Most of the celebrations center on staying home and bonding as part of Vietnam Holidays.

There are additional Vietnam holidays. Vietnamese adults participate in International Worker’s Day, which occurs in the month of May. Some Vietnamese workers march in street demonstrations with their labor unions. Other Vietnamese workers prefer celebration at home. Although it is a public holiday nike air max trainers uk , its popularity has not exceeded the aforementioned holidays. Another holiday celebrated is National Day, which shows Vietnam declared independence. The calendar date shows in September. Adults and children may participate in a festival or spend time at home. Food courses combine both traditional and non-traditional me

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