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20.05.19 05:07

Cheapest Clay Soil Stabilization Method February 25 Cheap Jordan 6 , 2015 | Author: Claudine Hodges | Posted in Home and Family
The ability of clay soil to attract and hold moisture during the wet season causes it to swell. This is a dangerous attribute with the potential of wrecking an entire building. It is a threat to projects that are constructed on such a ground. Clay soil stabilization is required to mitigate the damage and make the area ready to host pad sites and parking lots, among other structures.

Traditionally, a select fill has been used on the foundation. This is expensive and time consuming Cheap Jordan 1 , beyond the fact that it is too artificial. The resources required to prepare and transport the material to the site make it uneconomical. It does not result in a reliable ground for construction.

The area may also be stabilized using piers or other mechanical methods. This will cost a fortune and greatly inflate your construction budget. Other methods that have been used include injection of water to keep the surface moist at all times. This only works on temporary basis and is considered as delaying damage. The alternation of wet and dry seasons will present a challenge and is likely to cause extensive damage.

The use of Condor SS has scientific backing for use before construction or during repair. The earth sheds off water instead of absorbing it. It prevents the regular shrinking and swelling that is witnessed during dry and wet seasons. The construction surface therefore becomes consistently firm and ready to support any structure.

Condor SS is derived from crude oil because of its stabilizing properties. When applied on foundations, it causes water to naturally drain through evaporation, compaction and gravity. The resulting surface is a consistent texture that is ready for construction. The alternation of wet and dry seasons will not cause swelling and shrinking of the ground.

Application of condor SS should be done before the damage has occurred. This way Cheap Jordan 3 , it will prevent cracks from forming on the structure. Where damage has already occurred, it should be applied before performing repairs. This will prevent the recurrence of damage or extension into other areas.

When Condor SS is applied beneath the foundation, the damage is easy to control. This can be used independently or to support mechanical measures undertaken. By extending the cushion Cheap Jordan 12 , you are guaranteed that the mechanical measures taken will not be overwhelmed. The structure can withstand moisture variations and remain strong.

The application of the stabilizer does not require any special equipment. Ordinary equipment used in pumping water into foundations can be used. It is more economical compared to using select fill-in material and pouring it at the foundation. The texture at the foundation remains almost the same compared to using filler materials.

Stabilizing the ground before construction offers numerous benefits. It allows

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