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The pleasant afternoo
13.07.19 08:57
The pleasant afternoo

The pleasant afternoon sun shines through the glass and shines on my face. It is very gentle and comfortable. I have forgotten how long it is. I don��t know what it is. Maybe it��s Christmas Eve, so I forgot the mood that should have been troubled. Keep a happy heart. Inadvertently remembered the scenery last night, walking alone for several kilometers on foot, I usually think that this journey is far away, I will not do such a thing, walk back, do not know what is thinking, suddenly feel the way The scenery on the side is my own mood. I feel that I am integrated with this scenery. I don��t know who the other person is and what I am doing here. But I seem to understand the mood at the moment, listening to the passing vehicles and the sound of moving cars Newport 100S. Thinking quietly. Seeing the tree: When I started to walk, it was like the starting point of my life, walking under the tree, the tree is just my own friend, always accompanied, sheltering you from the rain, but sometimes not necessarily Because the tree sometimes, has experienced all seasons, and in this season, it has been struggling in the cold wind. They fade leaves and wait for the spring of next year. Seeing passers-by: The pedestrians on the side of the road are like their own confidants, because maybe many people will come over and ask for directions, but many times they just ask for directions. They are rarely people who go with them, so they can always walk and must cherish Newport Cigarettes Coupons. . Seeing the traffic lights: the traffic lights that have passed through are like the difficulties encountered in your life Marlboro Gold. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to pass, sometimes you run into a traffic jam, so that you can stay for a long time, as long as you can persist, the road is passed, life The road is getting better and better. Seeing small shops: When walking in various stores, this is like our original dream. It is always beautiful, but reality is reality. In such an exaggerated era, dreams must be realistic, like you go. Buy a toothbrush, you can go directly to the store to buy, you will go to the department store to buy? Finding the right path is your dream. Seeing the flyover: When we walked into the bridge, this is like our opportunity. In fact, many times we can see it, but we don��t know how to catch it. It��s often when we go, we know that the original missed What a pity. So chances are not always there. Sometimes you miss it, don't be discouraged, go on, and you will meet it next time. Seeing the streetlights: The most beautiful scenery in the night is a life path in my opinion Cigarettes Online. As long as it is still on, we can always find the way home. Waiting for me, I want to say to all the scenery, thank you for your company, because with you, I can go on like this, waiting for me, I hope that we can go together, no matter how the wind and rain, you are with you, don��t hesitate I wish you a happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas. I am pleased to have you waiting for me Wholesale Cigarettes.
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