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Once a person's t
13.07.19 08:57
Once a person's t

Once a person's thoughts are dormant, the individual will immediately assume a fantasy posture. The so-called dormancy is not a real sense of sleep, it may be a very shallow daze or a deep feeling. I often fall into a state of sleep Cheap Cigarettes, and most of the time I spend with me is the past that has been blown by the wind. When the familiar melody sounded, those yellowed memories came to me, and the memories of that season, such as the overwhelming rapeseed, were burning. Throughout the life, the feelings are increasing day by day. The days that have passed away are like the opening and closing of the lotus flower. In fact, the flowers bloom and fall, only in the blink of an eye. The days are not tired and walking, like a beautiful flower, old in the years, the past is like smoke, walking in the disappearance. In the to the side, epiphany, the most obsessive things will only appear on certain days. When memories came, I was caught off guard. People were a reed that would think, and fluttering in the sky of memories. In this cold and bleak winter, the memories are as warm as ever, just like the fields in April, the smell of the sun is everywhere. I am very willing to recall that those memories that warm my blood will accompany me in this strange world to go through the modernization of the servant, the city's ketone body is maturing, she stretches her waist, naked and her sly Shown in front of me, the city that has been urbanized, like a girl who lost her virginity. Those things that belong to the simplicity of the past are disappearing a little bit, but we are unaware. In the past, the city��s wells, blue bricks, and watts of lights have gradually faded out of people��s horizons Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Busy people know that those things can��t stand the years. I started to be in a daze again, and the faint memories spread across the heart of the field, a clear pond surrounded by a season of reed flowers. In the light and shadow, the white fluffy dandelions floated in the air, and the breeze blew, they with the love and yearning for the land, drifted to the farther sky. I sat quietly on the straw, and my mother tied the straw to the side. Mom said that in the winter, a thick layer on the bed can warm a winter. I didn't understand and nodded Newport 100S. I was six years old that year. Mom was busy talking to me and talking about some past things. Later, I don't remember very clearly. I only remember that I was carrying an empty kettle. My mother picked up a large bundle of straw and went home Carton Of Cigarettes. The sunset gradually disappeared from her last rays, and there was still a good way to leave home. The mountains slowly light up the lights, and the night is full of fun, you can hear the sound of the stars blinking, the sound of frogs singing in the fields, the old cows drinking water, the sound of boiling water in the house, and my hands. The sound of the empty kettle frame dangling. These pleasing sounds stayed in that summer night, and the summer of that season was busy and warm, so I remembered the rain of that season. In the summer, the rain began to rain in the ground. I like to lie on the window and watch the raindrops jump on the roof. The circle of the circle is getting hot on the tile and disappears little by little. The water droplets flow down the tile, and the raindrops falling under the eaves are like broken pearls. Some of them fall on the stones, and the stones that have been hit by raindrops all the year round are like potholes. From a distance, there are splashes of blisters everywhere in the mud, and they are constantly spinning on the ground. The summer rain came quickly, and the sun soon opened a smile. I habitually searched around, hoping to see the beautiful rainbow after the rain, and then the silly rainbow counts the countless colors. In the streets, there was a shout of selling old uncles, and I started to swear again. In the summer of that season, after a lot of heat and calm, I remembered the past things, feeling warm as ever, but the road is not the original road, the house is not the original house, and there is no past simple atmosphere Marlboro Lights. The tall buildings in the building are glamorous and beautiful, and they live in the world of drunken fans. The things that make me fall in love are like this. Memories are a very warm thing. In this winter, I will fall asleep with memories. .

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