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You are the flower of
29.07.19 08:26
You are the flower of

, which is the characteristics of the "three beautiful" (ie music beauty, architectural beauty and architectural beauty) of the new moon poetry, whether it is "Tiger Tiger", "Cloud Tour", "Shima's poems "It's still a night of "Chen Cui Cui" is widely praised by people, but Xu Zhimo once said: "Writing poetry is the greatest pain in life." Why is this? Because he was once in the quagmire of marriage, almost Can't extricate himself. Xu Zhimo is influenced by Western Influence, advocate freedom of love Newport Cigarettes, marriage master, so he made China's first "divorced man" and made it public, will abandon his wife Zhang Youyi, and let her abortion, Xu Zhimo said that this is to harvest a perfection with Lin Huiyin Love, and Lin Huiyin deeply understands that it is impossible for himself and Xu Zhimo. Therefore, Lin Huiyin rationally chose the choice of Liang Sicheng Lin Huiyin. I have to say that she made the right decision, but it is a quick knife, but she However, Xu Zhimo��s heart suddenly fell to the bottom of life. I personally think that Lin Huiyin has never had ��love�� for Xu Zhimo. She gave Xu Zhimo��s ��like��, like Xu Zhimo��s literary talent, like Xu Zhimo. The poetry, as well as Xu Zhimo's simplicity and liveliness, indeed, like Xu Zhimo's full-fledged economy, people who are proficient in poetry and songs are really like people. But this is not love, not love, what is love? Many people don't understand anything at all. It is love, love is the love and love based on responsibility, not just pure love. Lin Huiyin only gives "love" to Liang Sicheng, left the likes to Xu Zhimo and Jin Yuelin. Some people sampled the price of Lin Huiyin: "Lin Huiyin also acquired reason and love at the same time." People think that reason is the natural enemy of love, in fact, they are close friends. Love is flower, reason is Sunshine, no sunshine, the flowers will soon fade Online Cigarettes. Lin Huiyin chose Liang Sicheng sensibly Marlboro Gold, the flowers of love became the fruit of marriage, and his life. Lu Xiaoman irrationally married Xu Zhimo, the flowers of love cruelly wilted Facing Lin Huiyin's choice on the boring opium bed, Xu Zhimo was unable to return to the sky, but had to give up the pursuit of Lin Huiyin with tears. Everyone blamed Xu Zhimo for the cruelty of Zhang Youyi, but who can understand the pain of Xu Zhimo's loss of love? This is probably a sacred love, but it can't be met, can't be reluctant, and is saying to himself: "I will visit my only soul partner in the vast sea of ??people. I am fortunate, I am missing, my life. So Xu Zhimo does not follow the love of Lin Huiyin like Jin Yuelin, and he will continue to search for his so-called "love". Love, in Xu Zhimo's view, love is the carrier of ideals, the pursuit of his life. Finally, he waited for Lu Xiaoman's appearance. Lu Xiaoman was a famous beauty in Beijing. He was known as the "Southern Tang Dynasty and the North Land". "South Tang" refers to Shanghai's famous socialist Tang Tang, and "Northland" naturally refers to Lu Xiaoman Wholesale Cigarettes. Hu Shi also had such an evaluation of Lu Xiaoman: "Lu Xiaoman is a must-see scenery in Beijing." Lu Xiaoman is very intelligent and willing to study diligently. At the age of 16 or 17, he has passed the English and French languages, and he can play the piano. He grew up in painting oil painting Xu Zhimo and Lu Xiaoman. He was introduced by Lu Geng��s husband Wang Geng, who and Xu Zhimo The same is the student of Liang Qichao. Wang Geng was sent to the United States after graduating from Tsinghua University in 1911. He then studied at the University of Michigan, Columbia University, and Princeton University. After returning to China, he served as the commander-in-chief of the five provinces of Sun Chuanfang. He was a workaholic and worked outside for a long time. He would not love Lu Xiaoman. To give the warmth that Lu Xiaoman needs in his heart, thus alienating the sentiments of two people. It is for this reason that Wang Geng has no regard for the relationship between Xu Zhimo and Lu Xiaoman. Even if he sees it, he does not care, thinking that it is a normal friend. relationship. Slowly, Xu Zhimoola is close to Lu Xiaoman's distance. Perhaps it is the distance that produces beauty. Since then, Xu Zhimo and Lu Xiaoman have been together almost every day. They traveled the Great Wall, visited the bridge, arrived at Yu Yuxuan, and went to Xishan. Look at the red leaves, busy! Xiaoman likes to play cards, Shima will accompany
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