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status of identity
13.08.19 08:06
status of identity

status of identity, the size of the superiority, the balance of happiness for everyone is the same. The stimuli are full of mystery and variables. From the big cycle, there is no absolute loss and win, gains and losses; sometimes it seems that ��walking to the water,�� is difficult and hopeless, but often encounters ��Liu Huaming Mingyou Village�� "The moment of turning. The combination of sorrow and joy, turbulence, such as the condensed life process, makes people often experience darkness and light in the unknown exploration. This is a concept of freedom and yearning expressed by the ancient Chinese ��mahjong�� culture. In fact, the ��mahjong�� culture has a long history. In one of the four famous "Dream of Red Mansions", there have been many scenes of playing mahjong, and Jiamu is the unbeaten of the East on the mahjong table. Therefore, there are people with mahjong hobbies, and there are people of all walks of life. In the early years, Mei Yiqi, who was the president of Tsinghua University, loved playing mahjong, and Qi Hongming, Xu Zhimo and Yu Dafu were all masters. Liang Qichao once worked. Said: "Only reading can forget playing cards, and only playing cards can forget to read." The card he said is mahjong. He advocates a fun-minded outlook on life. He believes that "labor, games, and learning" are in line with the conditions of interest. Although the ideas of successful people are not necessarily correct, they are at least one reason. Like the beginning of the year, "Mahjong" has bumped our thoughts and feelings. In this world, there are insults and sorrows, but we can choose to be calm. Everyone walks on the road with the idea of ??upgrading themselves and refusing to be heavy. Therefore, in the leisure time after work, inviting family members or friends, playing cards and entertainment is the greatest relaxation for the complicated life; of course, there are also people. It is for an escape. Escape a period of red dust, or escape the loneliness of a "mist cloud." Knowing how to work hard and enjoy life is the process that ��Mahjong�� makes us wake up. Lin Yutang once said that China is the most intelligent nation in the world because of the invention of ��Mahjong��. But it must be admitted that everything is a double-edged sword, and there is an increase in deprivation. The disadvantages of "Mahjong" should not be underestimated. "Happiness" is like opium. Excessive addiction can affect normal work and study, and it is more likely to destroy family happiness and physical health. But you can't blame innocent food because of fat; Is the responsibility of the wind? We can't defeat "mahjong", but we can change ourselves. "Not to be happy with things", to maintain moderation, "not to be sad" to understand adjustment; some things can be forgotten, and some things need to be remembered. Careful observation, among modern people, there are many people who can't drive, and there are many people who can't swim, but few people don't play mahjong. Many popular forms of sports can't stand the years of polishing, just like the feeling of trees watching the scenery outside the window by train. Visually, their existence is gradually receding as the train moves forward Parliament Cigarettes. For example, the once-popular hula hoop exercise, practicing the "Xiang Gong" movement, etc.; in fact, everything has the "generation of a new generation, a generation of shackles", while the "mahjong" can be justified and tough, and there are " The trend of the long wind is very strong Marlboro Gold, and the significance of its existence can be seen. The years flow Marlboro Red, the story of all time, contains the shadow of "mahjong." It gives people different colors and forms of life, then, can we also turn "Mahjong" time into an elegant and casual enjoyment?

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