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You have noticed
13.08.19 08:07
You have noticed

You have noticed the sunset in the sky. Under the setting of the setting sun, it is like a masterpiece by a famous artist, such as a raging horse, like a mountain and water overlapping in the sky, magnificent and unrestrained when people stop to admire, The night has been quietly hanged down, and a glimmer of light with her gentle light immerses the entire city in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Looking at the contours of the buildings that are gradually becoming clear, the radiant roads, the graceful French phoenix; the tourists walk on the clean sidewalks, squatting on the green trees and flowers; on the night of early summer, there is a breeze blowing the pedestrian's clothes. Really very pleasant, romantic suddenly, not far from the faint aroma, this tastes stunned, as if the whole body and mind have been released. "This is the aroma of grass," several partners shouted out to look at it, a neatly trimmed lawn, like a green carpet in front of people, green grass, aroma! A piece of green, a piece of life! The joy is born. Suddenly, a leaf fell and slipped down my fingertips. I bent down and carefully picked it up. Oh, does it want to say it; when we are having fun Marlboro Lights, don't forget, how many people's efforts and sweat have been sprinkled behind this lawn! Yes, a beautiful city is inseparable from those who are obscured by it. They are the real masters of this city. Don't forget that if there are white clouds floating around me, I will pick one for you; if I pass the lily, I will give you a bouquet of fragrant lilies; if there is wind Blowing, I will leave the leaves to you; if there is a harvest of joy, I will leave happiness to you; if you look up at the sky when you are alone, you are the cloud in the sky; when you are lonely, stare at the night sky, you are the brightest Stars; walk with you in the shade, you are the greenest and most beautiful leaves on the roadside; when you are tired, sleep peacefully, you are the most beautiful dream Cigarettes Online. Whenever you encounter beautiful things, you always want to share with you. There are affectionate blessings that are always forgotten to you. If it is not good, I will always tell you the first thing, let you guide me. If one day you receive a silent call, then I miss you again, no words, no sound, just to dial the heart of the heart, let you feel my existence. Teardrops. If you think of me too, please don't stand in the rain and feel my love, because then your "sneeze" will make my heart rain and stop, the sky is not blue, it is because the color is covered with happiness. The wind is still not quiet, it is because I am passing my thoughts. Finally, it rains fine, cuts a piece of sunshine, folds into the shape of thoughts with the gaze of the look, and then fills the fragrance of love, sprinkles to where you are, fragrances your journey, and happy your mood. It��s been a habit to be concerned about you, and thinking about you every day has become a daily lesson I can��t do. A drop of water can wet a piece of land, a gust of wind can call a season, a bud can cheer up a wasteland; your smile can make me full of sunshine all day; your care can warm the winter of my life, your faint blessings can brighten me A life wants you to let me know what is heartache Newport 100S, see you let me know what is happiness, knowing you let me know what is fate. If the water droplets represent peace, I will send you a vast ocean; if the stars represent happiness, I will send you a vast galaxy; if honey represents thoughts, I would like to turn myself into a bee collecting flowers to know? Whether you are an episode in my life or a permanent confidant, I will cherish it. After many years, when we are physically exhausted or old-fashioned, and no longer have dreams, we hope that this melody is the root of our lives. I will stick to my promise and share the sunset with you.
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