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nious and harmonious!
27.08.19 04:10
nious and harmonious!

It is often seen in the community that some grandparents are playing Tai Chi, when the thunder is too late, and when they are innocent like Jinghu, the philosophy of heaven and earth seems to be contained in the movement of Taijiquan. This kind of martial arts, which is both soft and soft, is one of the essences of our Chinese heritage. It not only raises the body, but also raises the heart. The rationality of the combination of rigidity and flexibility learned from Taiji can make us benefit a lot in the life of the people. Sometimes, Gang and Ro is a duty. The fortitude of the military during hard training, the strength of defending the frontiers in the cold wind is the heart of their hearts, and it is a kind of courage to take responsibility. But these same strong tough guys also have a soft side: they will tear their tears when they miss their distant relatives in the bed, they will miss the voice and smile of their favorite girl in their dreams, they will bend down while playing with their children. The backs that have never been bent... There is no doubt that they are a group of people who are both soft and soft. In order to maintain the softness of their hearts, they support the country with a strong body and support their loved ones! Also because of the inner softness, they never give up in the face of any setbacks and difficulties! Sometimes, just and soft is a kind of attitude, sometimes soft and soft, just cold and rational. Based on the embarrassment of emotions, let us feel the emotions around us at all times. But if we only follow the feelings, we will lose the basic principles. But if we just hold the cold rationality, although the thoughts and principles will become clear, but we will inevitably appear inhuman. If we can do things when we are doing things, we will give others some human care without prejudice to the basic principles. I believe that this will make each of us more harmonious and harmonious! And the combination of just and soft, can also give us the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort Parliament Cigarettes. Sometimes, just and soft is a moral boundary. Sometimes it is just a moral norm, and softness is the gentleness of human feelings. If we are too conservative and do not know how to adapt to the rules and regulations of the people, then the people will gradually become stiff and cold, and this almost tough means will hurt others. But blindly using things can also make us lose the correct judgment of objective facts Marlboro Lights. Helping a friend's behavior has pushed him farther and farther into the wrong way. When he follows the law, he does not know people's helplessness and despair in life. This phenomenon can be said to be common in modern society. The expression of softness and weakness. To this end, we should be able to do things in a soft and flexible way, leaving a certain degree of relaxation for morality, which can not only create a harmonious self Cigarettes Online, but also understand and help others in difficulties. Taiji waving is a combination of yin and yang. Showing the charm of rigidity and flexibility, let us use our Tai Chi in our hearts, not bothered by the choice of the bottom line and humanity, nor by the sensibility and rationality.
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