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Perfection has always
27.08.19 04:11
Perfection has always

Perfection has always been the goal that many people pursue. The existence of this word seems to be driving people to keep approaching it. Throughout the ages, people who demand perfection have been around for generations. Is it really important to be perfect? "Cai Gen Tan" said: "There is no need to seek merits, no effort is merit." In my opinion, whether it is demanding perfection, it is necessary to distinguish the iPhone made by Apple, which is well-known, but there are also people who are dissatisfied with it. . In the face of some accusations that some functions of the mobile phone are "not perfect", Apple does not immediately demand perfection, but to maximize the user's experience as much as possible while developing a small number of new features. The generation of iPhones has been updated, and the accusation still exists, but the volume is gradually decreasing. Perfection is good, but not perfect sometimes does not mean failure! The imperfections of the iPhone have always existed, but these thorns have been gradually smoothed down by the efforts of technicians. If Apple is demanding perfection from the beginning, and does not know the process of gradual progress, it will certainly cause technical stagnation, thus losing the industry dominance. In the process, Apple is constantly improving its own products, and strives to make its products gradually perfect. In contrast, a domestic mobile phone brand, demanding perfection and high-end of mobile phone photography functions, has little effect, and sales are still unrecognizable. It can be seen that demanding perfection is an attitude worthy of advocating, but we must understand that demanding perfection is a gradual process. It is eager to seek a lot of time to cause counter-effects, causing retreats to say: "Jade is innocent." But there is no flawless jade. ? Innocent beauty is still not to be found, where is the perfect person? For people, absolute perfection does not exist. At this time, we don't have to be perfect, and doing everything we can to do one thing is relatively perfect Marlboro Red. Qin Huang Hanwu, both of them completed the cause of the great unification in their time, and their great achievements were not recognized. When talking about their great achievements, it can be said that Qin Shihuang and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty have already achieved perfection. If we insist on killing their supply with their mistakes, it is really inhuman. Of course, we only see Their perfect side is also not desirable! Qin Huang Hanwu is relatively perfect, but unveiled this relatively perfect behind the scene, Qin Shihuang angered under the book and burned the Confucianism, Han Wudi was a soldier in his late years Online Cigarettes, is this not a failure in their perfect merit? So when we talk about them, we should both see their merits and treat them rationally, because after all, this is the most authentic appearance of a person, isn��t it? The king of a country still has imperfections, especially the people of the country. Therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary to have perfection when it comes to people Newport Cigarettes. The perfect standard is always improving, and no one can touch the ��perfectists�� who claim to pursue perfection and even demand perfection. As everyone knows, even if one is exhausted, it will not achieve absolute perfection. There is no need to be perfect, absolute perfection can never be achieved, we can pursue temporary relative perfection, but never fall into the abyss of absolute perfection.

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