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t��s what I am now. My
09.09.19 09:45
t��s what I am now. My

My world is shivering, and I find that I am getting farther and farther from my real life. But I saw your shadow in the gestures. You are the constellation of the thirteenth constellation of my constellation. I found that I am farther away from the real life. The confusion of young people invaded from all directions. The traces of black confuse my sky. . The people in the classroom have been exhausted Wholesale Cigarettes. I hold the tables and chairs and lie down in the empty classroom. Through greasy curtains and dirty glass, the sight falls on the distant sky. The reverie of the past has landed there, and the space I am in now is as peaceful as the sky. My soft breath, like the ear between the clouds, as long as quiet, everything is good at noon, I have to admit that the sky is very clear, the side of the sky is hiding some flashing stars. The confusion and confusion of youth and the depression of namelessness shrouded me and threw me into a world full of thoughts. I began to think, thinking about life, thinking about life was initially exposed to distress Marlboro Red, and was surrounded by sudden confusion. So I was prematurely squeezed into the problems that people can't understand. What happened to me? I once asked this question. Why am I born? What am I going to do? Since then I have fallen into confusion. People just live because they haven't died yet, and they can't just live to waste resources. Since then, I have fallen into thinking, regardless of day and night, I will take some time to think about life in various classes. I think that I am so passionate about my thoughts and a little nervous. When I grow up, I am not a poet or a philosopher. When there are so many problems in life Online Cigarettes, can my life go to the footsteps of the predecessors and entrust my life to the cold rails? What is life? Thinking about this cumbersome question made me abolish a lot of competition classes, and the teacher kept talking about things I didn't even know. The principle of Poly incompatibility is just as the theory of entropy of the lattice bond valence bond has changed. I can��t help but ask, is it that people are learning to learn something that they will not use in their lifetime? Real life should not be It��s what I am now. My life is too purposeless, too blind. The puberty of puberty is not a hole in the wind, and the teenager who begins to think about life is bound by life. There will never be a sunny day in the top of the youthful rainy season. The gray day that maps the mood will always express the expression of the rain. Its thick rain overturned its rosy green, and its clouds blocked its snowy moonflowers. When the sun is shining, you are no longer young. But even if the sun comes again, these problems can't be solved in this life. We can only be stupid reptiles, let God appreciate the tragedy again and again. Life has never been fascinating. My problems of youthful riots and youthfulness have tarnished their thoughts. They have wings and long feathers, and they are constantly flying to me every day, going back to the sea, and I am not waiting for the day of the break. Know when you will collapse. Life gives me all my distress, but my life can't rot in life itself. I wrap myself in a coat and let myself be isolated from the world. Why do I have to stay away from the crowd and be a sad and lonely me? I am weak, I am sensitive, I can't stand the roar of life, those malicious people spurt venom and erode my skin; rumors are like a sharp arrow, which makes me bloody. I want to protect, I want to leave this world that hurts me. So I am going to be lonely. I vowed to leave here, but I met the tide line. It was a person who once appeared in my novel. It was an abandoned story. One day I repeated it and reviewed the boy. So, you have entered my life. I started to walk out of the classroom and I walked out of the classroom.
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