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this intoxicating fragrance
24.09.19 08:25
this intoxicating fragrance

A glimpse of the dreamy rain curtain, opened a scene of light and ethereal, dripping, wet the green shade, moistened the earth, nourish the mysterious campus, accompanied by the faint fragrance of the nose . Everything seems to be yesterday, but yesterday, like today, the colorful rainbow that has been waiting for, but deliberately concealing her heart, it is impossible to guess the depths of the heart, planting the same camphor tree as the avenue Although there is no strong aroma, it is full of sweetness, always attracting the tiny drops of water on the leaves. Whether it is rain or rain, it is always ��slipping the water�� and has long been reluctant to leave! Close to the water droplets of the soft leaves Cheap Cigarettes, perhaps as much as I hope, I have hopes. I think they should be waiting for the sun, because the sun can reflect their colorful rainbow! However, the sky is full of rain, the rain is faint, and there are a few faint clouds, and I want to retain this poetic feeling. I don't have to wear a raincoat, I don't want to leave a separate umbrella. I just look at it silently, or walk close, carefully and quietly staring at her, inexplicably and excitedly full of words, but always inexplicably blocked. Maybe I shouldn't say it Newport Cigarettes, maybe she won't understand it! So I sat down and opened the inner window under this familiar and unfamiliar toon, letting the lingering and unforgettable fragrances water and scent the increasingly dense rain, as if to confide to me. He did not stop, I also quietly told myself that this heart of the toon is simply a seed of youth that he unintentionally sowed, sprouting under unintentional cultivation, growing up in unintentional nectar, unintentionally The sun is strong... However, I dissolved it in this intoxicating fragrance early. Occasionally a few bursts of "shasha" sounds, the slight wind and light branches between the branches, I feel a little cool, can not help but stand upright, look at the colorful peony on both sides of the school road Marlboro Gold, the pavilion of the magnolia, only to find the source center wave The secret of the rippling, the fragrance that you want, is not the fragrant fragrance of a hundred flowers, but the unforgettable heart from the tree! This may be the love that youth knows! You don't need to be earth-shattering, you don't need lofty greatness, just ask for this pure, faint, true feeling, just ask for this unforgettable, just ask for the more flying thoughts to start to whimper, when the mood of the quiet begins to call, I Suddenly turned back and panicked, I found out that she was staying in the same place, but I was getting farther and farther. Is this just a beautiful mistake? Weaving the trails that have been passed together, scattered on the running track that runs together, nowadays, it is hung in the scent of this tree, in front of you! I don't know the day I graduated. I will choose which of the North and the South, but I believe that the reunion of high school is a fate. It is true that this fate guides me to this fragrant note: sigh ten The sky of the seven or eight-year-old boy is so different from the world, and he sighs greatly. He sighs with this pure and complicated thought and memory. He touches a lot of words and sprinkles a few words to cherish it. Commemorating this continuing emotion
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