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Andersen's fairy tale. Altho
24.09.19 08:26
Andersen's fairy tale. Altho

When we grow up, when the road is no longer familiar, when the people I meet are changed, I am still me - the inscription once, we are happy, do not know how to worry, do not know how to sad, do not know... ... We only have joy in our brains. All the dissatisfaction always likes to vent in time. The books in the house are not torn apart, and the toys don��t know how much. Although parents will teach themselves, at least they have never had a deep pain. Once, we were naive, the story of the prince and the princess did not know how many versions, but we firmly believe that there is only one ending - no matter how difficult, they will live happily together. Although childish, but rooted in the young heart, I believe that all love should be so happy and happy. Once, we are simple, no matter what, we will believe. When others praise, they laugh with ecstasy, even if others lie, as long as there is a reason, we simply think that things must be like this, and then can not listen to the other half. Even if we are so stubborn, we still enjoy it. At the beginning of the people, the nature is good, and the benefits of people are thought Cheap Cigarettes, perhaps because of our nature. However, at that time, the light gradually slipped over the face. When we were no longer the children who were ignorant and less involved, would we play without any worries, would we naively listen to those fairy tales with a happy ending, would we simply think that Everyone is sincere to themselves? When we grow up, our happiness gradually goes away. Xu is a too heavy class. My parents�� ardent expectations make them have to step by step. They are afraid to take a wrong step. Xu is too much trouble and does not want people to know. Tears wash away all of them, but even if you cut your fingers, it takes time to heal, let alone the scars in your heart? We tried to choose to forget, but found that we couldn't forget it. We could only wrap a thick "outer coat" outside the weak heart, not letting people touch it. Finally, I found that I had forgotten how to smile and grow up before I found Andersen's fairy tale. Although the ending is not perfect, it is a real life. I have seen the lover's points and harmony around me, experienced a period of unsatisfactory feelings, and became unaware of the ending of the fairy tale. Maybe it is too negative, but life is life, there is no beautiful fairy tale, this is just a dream and it sounds in the ear. "I grew into a fairy tale, the day you loved, grew up, and began to become a little more sophisticated, knowing the occasion. Speaking and understanding other people��s praises are just compliments. After countless lies, suddenly ��opening up��, not everyone will follow them, not everyone can be kind to themselves. The earth does not revolve around itself. I began to become cautious and began to become unbelievers and became a mess Carton Of Cigarettes. I really grew up like this. I always thought that I could be the same, always as relaxed as I was at the beginning, always thinking that I was stupid and could not learn the world Cigarettes Online. However, it is wrong, and the mirror is self-sufficient. The time has passed, and the face is still as old as it used to be. The once clear eyes no longer exist.

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