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's monthly newsletters included a rep
25.09.19 05:32
's monthly newsletters included a rep

Key Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business Marketing Articles | April 19 adidas nmd human race colombia , 2002
3 KEY MARKETING STRATEGIES TO GROW YOUR BUSINESSCopyright 2002 Bob LeducEach of these 3 marketing strategies creates permanent growth for your business -- and obstacles for your competition. You can u...

Copyright 2002 Bob Leduc

Each of these 3 marketing strategies creates permanent
growth for your business -- and obstacles for your
competition. You can use them repeatedly to add new layers
of income to your business.


Identify the characteristics and activities of your most
profitable customers. Look for other non-competing
businesses already reaching them. Then devise a way to set
up some joint promotions. This proven strategy produces
dramatic results -- for very little expense.

For example, I once saw a clever joint promotion by a
health club and a gourmet restaurant. Both catered to young
professionals and business executives in the same town.

The restaurant's menu included several special dishes
recommended by the health club's nutritionist. It also
distributed discount membership coupons for the club. Even
their advertising mentioned the affiliation -- to attract
health conscious customers who often avoid food prepared in
gourmet restaurants.

The health club's monthly newsletters included a reprint of
the restaurant's healthy new menu items recommended by the
club's nutritionist. They also distributed the restaurant's
discount coupons to their members.


Continually look for new niche markets you can serve. Then
develop customized versions of your advertising appealing
to the special concerns of prospects in each niche. Offer
specific solutions to their unique needs and you'll uncover
new groups of customers eager to buy from you.

For example, I recently bought a new computer system for my
business from a company because they catered to my specific
needs. An ad in a business publication listed their special
web site for small businesses customers. There I was able
to order the exact configuration of hardware and software I
wanted at the price I was ready to pay. They won the sale
by catering to my niche.

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