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ke it a point to speak with your child
07.10.19 04:03
ke it a point to speak with your child

I don't want to think about college yet", "They just want to brag to their friends". At times, parents can lose sight of how hard they push their kids. In addition Wholesale MLB Jerseys China , they can be negligent in realizing the negative impact pushing may have on their child's self esteem. Pushing too hard can be internalized as - You're not good enough. This message can translate into a number of different behaviors. For example, I have worked with children who have shut down and given up on academics completely because the pressure is too great. In their minds, not trying and being a failure is a lot better than trying and being a failure. I also have seen students resort to lieing and cheating just to make the grade. These students know it is wrong to cheat or copy their friend's homework; however, the praise and parent satisfaction for bringing home a good report far outweighs the guilt and consequences for getting caught.

It is common knowledge that children would rather stay in their comfort zones rather than take risks, especially academically. It is important for parents to set high standards for their children. So how can a parent maintain a balance between setting "high standards" and putting undue pressure on their child?

1. Self Reflect.

a) Figure out the reasons why it is important for you to push your child. Be honest and frank with yourself. The reasons may not be pretty at times Wholesale MLB Jerseys , but by accepting the ugly, you can let go and make changes.

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