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People reunion
18.11.19 07:33
People reunion

People reunion under the full moon, but I still look at the moon and miss. - Inscription Mid-Autumn Festival, a reunion festival. The crowded workshops are crowded with people, all carrying moon cakes and fruits, and boarding a ticket. Looking forward to reunion with my family, I think that I will soon be reunited with a family, and everyone��s face is filled with a happy smile Newport Cigarettes. Even the quiet and quiet villages have become very lively at this moment Cheap Cigarettes. Every household is full of people, and from time to time there will be words of thoughts. It��s a happy holiday, but I can��t be happy because my father still didn��t come to see my father very few times! But for the memory of childhood, I am very dependent on him! My father often goes out and will return after a long time. Sometimes when he got home, he just sat for a while and left. The number of times I talked to my father was very small, and even the words became less, leaving only the silence and annoying embarrassment of each other. Unexpectedly, he still did not come back, not even a good phone call. For the Mid-Autumn Festival, I can't say that I like it or I hate it Marlboro Lights. I don't like mooncakes too much. It's not too sweet or too salty. Not at all appetizing, but there are still many people who like to eat. August 15th round! Under the white moonlight, the flaw in the moon in the sky is a warm picture of each family reunion. In fact, I am envious. I am alone in the upstairs eating fruit. Looking at the boring TV show, I kept on blessing with my friends on the phone, and I seem to have something missing! When the night was quiet, I sneaked up to the window. Looking at the full moon in the sky, my heart is incomparably missing, and finally it is still a two-line tears and a lonely Mid-Autumn Festival. Will the next Mid-Autumn Festival be as flawed? I really don't like this feeling.
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