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tarches Amir Johnson 76ers Jersey
07.01.19 09:58
tarches Amir Johnson 76ers Jersey

BEIJING Authentic Bradley Beal Jersey , Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- China's meteorological authority on Sunday renewed a blue alert, the lowest level in a four-tier warning system, for snowstorms in the north of the country.

Snowstorms will hit Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and northern provinces of Shanxi and Hebei as well as Beijing and Tianjin municipalities on Sunday and Monday, with some areas expected to see snowfall of up to 12 millimeters, the National Meteorological Center said.

The center suggested affected areas take precautions as temperatures are expected to plunge.

In China's four-tier color-coded weather warning system, red represents the most severe weather, followed by orange Authentic John Wall Jersey , yellow and blue.

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