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24.12.19 02:52

Ginseng is a protagonist in export of Chinese plant extracts Health Articles | June 11 Cheap NFL Jerseys , 2012
At the first quarter of 2012, ginseng record highest exporting price in history. Plant extracts become a goods category whose export value is over $ 1 billion in China. Both of then have outstanding performances.

But in the overall look of Chinese exports during the year, there are still pressures. At the first quarter, import and export volume of Chinese medicine are about $ 758 million with an increase of 9.42%. The imports value amounts to $ 169,000,000 with an increase of 20.46%.Chinese exports value is $ 589 million with an increase of 6.62%.

Compared to the exports, imports of traditional Chinese medicine sharply increased. It is mainly due to surging imports of licorice and its extracts. Licorice is an important resource product. It is one of commodity with national export quota management and is widely used in medicines, food, cosmetics Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , cigarettes and other industries by plant extract manufacturer. The global demands are increasingly intensify. Imports of Chinese licorice to ease the strain on the resources of the contradictions, since 2008 the licorice import enterprises to take certain incentives, increasing year by year, a record high in 2011. The first quarter of this year, licorice demand is still very strong increase in imports of Chinese licorice has far exceeded the growth rate of exports. Wild licorice of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries rich in resources, better quality, accounting for more than 80% of the total imports of Chinese licorice.

In 2011, Chinese ginseng export price of $ 36 Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale ,770 ton, up 84% from a year earlier, the export price of the first quarter of this year reached $ 43,000 ton, reaching record highs. Chinese ginseng exports of the main areas for the increasing demand of the market

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