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, I have many friends.
04.01.20 02:34
, I have many friends.

This summer, I was blinded to the "Water Margin" in the four famous works. It was another TV and a book. I was so touched that the Water Margin was told that some officials, as well as other good and righteous brothers, were framed by the murdered and loyal traitors and forced to Liangshan. After going to Liangshan, they got the trust of Song Huizong except for violent Anliang and Tianxing Road. And they have always been willing to be recruited by the court, but the former lieutenant Gao Yue, Tai Shi Cai Jing and other traitors Parliament Cigarettes, and repeatedly made statements in front of the emperor, convinced the emperor that Liang Shan had no sincerity to recruit. Later, Liang Shan's brothers were diminishing and their power was getting weaker. In the end, the Lian was killed by an adulterer and was put in death row. It was the prodigal Yan Qing and Liang Shanbo's brothers who helped them. Despite their failures and difficulties, they had only one idea in their hearts: save people! Kung Fu is worthy of care, God is moved by the Liangshan brothers. Lu Yuanwai was successfully rescued. The friendship between Liangshan's heroes is truly extraordinary, and not only that Cigarettes Online. They later had too much hope for Zhao'an. They let the treacherous hands insert their hearts and let their brothers die one by one. I still remember that Zhi Duoxing Wu Yong was not hurt by the traitor, but his death was to accompany his elder brother, Song Jiang, under Huang Quan. How touching this is, Liang Shan is a good man who is not afraid of his death, but would rather be murdered by an adulterer than a good and righteous brother who accompanies himself. After reading the book "Water Margin", I realized how important brotherhood is. Although I don't have a brother, I have many friends. Friendship is just like brotherhood, which has always warmed me. At the beginning of June this year, my feet were twisted and it was very inconvenient to walk Cheap Cigarettes. When lunch was served at noon, Yao Jiongchi always said, "I'm here, you don't have to walk." Yao Jiongchi helped me to cook dinner every day. I was almost better a few days before the final exam. But Yao Jiongchi still said, "Your feet are not completely good yet, let me come." After I declined politely, and said that the feet were almost fine. In this way, he did not help me to go up to fight. Brotherhood can make people more united. Brotherhood can make people happy all their lives. Brotherhood is a big necessity of life. As the saying goes: "Rely on parents at home and friends on the go." A close friend, just like your biological brother, is not afraid of the big storms, and can work together to repel danger, just like the 108 heroes in the Marsh. Although they were killed by the adulterer, they have done so much for the common people, aren't they all because of their brothers' unity? Brotherhood can bring Brother Liangshan together; in modern times, I think that friendship can also make people do great things
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