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people checking health outsid
04.01.20 02:37
people checking health outsid

Have you been blinded by prejudice? Please let go of your arrogance, you will have a pair of smart eyes. ����Inscription At the beginning of "Pride and Prejudice", the heroine Darcy did not like the heroine Elizabeth because of his arrogance, and Elizabeth hated Darcy because of prejudice. But after a while, Darcy and Elizabeth finally fell in love. This reminds me of a time ago, a friend always told me all the things she did at the same table, Li, what was rigid, not too human. Because I do n��t know that little Li well, over time, I hate Xiao Li. Later, the teacher relocated and moved me next to Xiao Li. Although my heart is extremely unwilling, the fate of the helpless is hard to fail. I frowned and sat down next to Xiaoli, holding down something, because I was too hard, and I dropped a few books. Xiao Li was startled by my actions, then she bent down, picked it up for me, and smiled and said to me, "We'll be at the same table in the future." I snorted from the nasal cavity, it was a response, and then from her Taking back the book from her hand, her hand hung awkwardly in the air Newport 100S. After that, I got along very well with the people around me. As for Xiaoli, although not as cold as before, it was not harmonious. Until one day, because I overslept, I hurried to the bell and came to the class. As soon as I sat down, the teacher came in. I secretly celebrated Xin, it was dangerous. But when I saw a few people checking health outside the window, I was surprised and it was my turn to sweep the floor today. I read uneasily, but my eyes drifted out of the window. After a while, the duty student left. Are they gone? !! The doubts in my heart were occupied by the joy of not being punished, but I was worried that the class score would be deducted and I regretted it. After class, I thought: somehow make up for it Newport Cigarettes, went to my duty day zone and found it very clean. Naturally thinking that it was done by the labor commissioner, he thanked him. He said, "Xie Xiaoli if you want to thank." I was surprised! Turning to my thoughts, I also felt ashamed, my prejudice blinded my heart, arrogantly thought of myself, and ignored Xiaoli's goodwill again and again. Since then, I started to pay attention to her, and found that she was actually pretty, with an easy-going personality and willing to help the classmates around her. For example, Zhang Min, who was nearby Marlboro Lights, had a problem that could not be solved, and was a little upset. She leaned over: "You see if this method will work. In the end, Zhang Min is as happy as clearing the fog and seeing the sunny day. I see it in my eyes and am happy. I am so happy that I give up the prejudice and blindness I have for so long Arrogant, about to have a good friend

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