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o more quickly pass on these costs is a very
23.03.20 04:30
o more quickly pass on these costs is a very

Because of concerns about the economic recovery Cheap Jerseys Online , Americans are increasingly cautious consumer. While this year's October U.S. retail sales rose for four consecutive months, reaching 373.1 billion U.S. dollars, but economists believe that consumers may be difficult to increase sales over the past 6 months to slow the pace of growth. At the same time, an inflation wave is beginning to spread to the U.S. supermarkets and restaurants.

Including milk, beef Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , coffee, cocoa and sugar prices rose sharply in recent months. Including McDonald's, KelloggCo and Kroger supermarkets and other companies have said that consumers have to bear more of the raw material costs rise.

For food manufacturers to more quickly pass on these costs is a very difficult decision. 167 in the Southern California grocery store chain etsCEOJackBrown said the company several months of breakfast cereal costs increased by 5%. Half of them passed on to consumers, the other half by cutting phone costs and delivery truck tire costs and other expenses to compensate.

SaraLeeCorp and GeneralMillsInc have been pledged to hike the prices of some products. Canceled the August release of Starbucks coffee prices remain the same statement in September that is difficult to increase the production of large glass and drink prices. Breakfast cereal manufacturer Kellogg has also recently hinted to price increases.

Grocery chains Safeway and Kroger, said the increased cost of supplier will pass on to consumers.

Domino's Pizza is to allow consumers to determine whether they are willing to pay more money. Introduced two sizes of two pizza toppings Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , each priced at $ 5.99, consumers can choose to upgrade when ordering - extra $ 2 will have more fillings, but in fact prices.

Costs have pushed up because of increased demand for meat. This led to grain prices, but also promoted the chicken, steak Cheap Jerseys From China , bread and pasta costs. Russia's grain prices have also been drought, cultivation around the world and constantly speculation rose slightly.

Gains in food prices than the overall inflation. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that in September this year the year, excluding food and energy, consumer price index rose 0.8%, the lowest since March 1961 the annual growth rate. However Cheap Jerseys China , the food index to rise 1.4%. U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts that overall food inflation next year, about 2% to 3%.

At the same time, for many Americans, worried about the high unemployment that they look tight pockets, such as reducing the importance of brand switching to supermarket brands; eat Burger King and do not eat Applebees Cheap Jerseys , or completely stopped eating out to save money.

Chicago shoppers tracking firm (ShopperTrak) recent sales of more than 7,000 stores and the number of customers were surveyed, results show that the current average consumer to a shopping mall three stores, an average of 5 in 2006 stores. Meanwhile, the decline in the number of impulse purchases. Store looks more messy Wholesale NFL Jerseys , because customers are too many products under the abandoned before checkout. Among them, the biggest change in low-income Americans.

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