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appealing that they will work with you on deals
23.03.20 06:50
appealing that they will work with you on deals

The deed grabber. This program is by Rick Dawson.. This teaches how to get the deed prior to a tax sale in order to own it redemption cost. Love the materials Bart Starr Hat , the concept and the asking price. Donít like that you still own the property and have to resell it. Also doesnít work in non trust deed states.. The best programs show you how to profit without actually owning the property.. Also, Iíve purchased deeds before and no, a couple of hundred bucks ainít gonna do it. This is the case regardless of how you phrase your approach. It is inexpensive. But these deals are very rare.

Court House Riches Ė by Rick Dawson. Actually pretty cool. Good bit of info, combining a number of systems. But about a grand for this? Yikes. Maybe a nice re-packaged way to extend sales and audience?

Free and Clear Real Estate System by J Beck. Itís a tax sale investment system. This is well written Kenny Clark Hat , detailed. Under 20 bucks. However, the additional information on available property is a recurring monthly bill just under $40 and there are crazy complaints about the back end support being about trying to sign folks up for mentoring. Lots of complaint chatter out there.
Land Profit Formula, now Land Profit Generator Ė By Jack Bosch. Basically, itís a different take on buying deeds on property coming up for tax sale foreclosure.. The issue is that you still have to find an end buyer to cash out. Unless youíve been under a rock Jamaal Williams Hat , the thought of having to re-sell the property, regardless of how cheap, doesnít turn you on. Two Grand price tag? WhewÖ. Good for you, Jack Bosch.
Okay Kevin King Hat , letís look at the Rebel Millionaire System. There is a plus to this. Itís appealing that they will work with you on deals. But theyíre proud of this course. Two grand proud. And, maybe its just us, but short sales just donít do it for us. Itís been done, guys. And the banks arenít stupid. The middleman deal here sucks. Gotta give this one a thumbs down.
And then we come to judgment recovery. Specifically JK Scott Hat , judgment recovery business training courses Ė A year ago we would be telling you to choose this route. The top judgment recovery courses are authored by Sierra Judgment Recovery and then Peter Gilboy. Really great programs with sensational documentation. And the price is right. But right now its two thumbs down. There are a number of reasons for that. The main reason has nothing to do with the programs. The powers that be are passing new laws further restricting your ability to garnish wages. Missed the boat on this one.

Surplus funds riches Ė By Shawn Buige. Completely different take on surplus funds and excess proceeds recovery. Highest return on your time. And a great price under three hundred bucks. And the support from the author himself. Outrageous! What we like about this program is the way its run. Just by itself, the ebook can show you how to make stupid cash. Now get this. They also provide funding for deals, make the deal for you, and give you a cut. This is groundbreaking.

Real Estate Agent Josh Jackson Hat , Gideon, Husband.

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