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centennial schools have c
29.04.20 09:23
centennial schools have c

I love our school because of its beauty; I love our school because of its novelty; I love our school because of its childhood dreams, beauty and happiness. In retrospect, when I first came to this big family that was mysterious and now full of vitality, what was the taste in my heart? Is it shy? Are you happy? Still commemorating-commemorating elementary school students who spent 6 years together? It is an emotion that cannot be expressed in words. Now, I have lived on this brand new campus for a few months. I have known classmates, teachers, and the school. It is not just a place where I study and live. It has become an indispensable part of my life. School is my learning space; school is my platform for making friends; school is also the paddy field that matures my thinking. It relaxes me in a stressful study life, it also makes me change from an illiterate child who seems to understand everything to an "adult" who understands many truths. In the conservatory, I welcome the freshmen in the school of my dreams. I do n��t need to be too gorgeous or extravagant. As long as I have the pace of youth, as long as I have happy dance steps Cheap Cigarettes, as long as I have the pursuit of dreams, this is the best longing in my life. A century-old prestigious school, a century of joy. Centennial schools have nurtured thousands of outstanding students, and centennial schools have cultivated hundreds of pillars of the motherland. The quality of the school is not how old it is. The quality of the school is not its teaching. In my heart, as long as every teacher treats students with 100% love and every student treats teachers with 100% enthusiasm Every teacher and student treats the school with 100% passion Parliament Cigarettes, and everyone believes that they are the best and has absolute confidence in themselves. Then this is a famous school. look! Isn't our school such a school? Taking our own honor as the honor of the class and the honor of the class as the honor of the school are the qualities of every Xingning. My school, why do I love you? Is your environment beautiful? Is your study atmosphere outstanding? Or is your teaching equipment advanced? neither. The world is beautiful because someone is beautiful, and the society is beautiful because you laugh. I am the joy of loving you-the precious joy we spilled in your corner. Let's compose the beautiful movement with laughter and laughter. The river, flowing, clouds, floating, time, and passing, but our obsession with school, our enthusiasm for learning is invisible. The waves that increase every night Cigarettes Online, the little trees that grow day by day, we who are becoming mature all the time, still have the innocence of childhood. When we once again ring your door as a student of yours, the passion for loving you remains the same. Tonight, please let me dream of you again-my school.

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