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ompanions, and joy an
29.04.20 09:24
ompanions, and joy an

vThe life of a candied gourd, sweet and sour taste, looking back at the past, three years of time, like a flick of a finger, the moment is our affection, the years that have passed, the good times we spent together were like yesterday, the time spent was harmonious The years are memorable memories, painstaking affection, holding up a series of thoughts, and a warm heart forever, the constant feelings between us, the soul dreams, the sincere heart words mokingusacigarettes.com, although we only have a short time , Plain time, plain story, three years, passing in a hurry, dream-like age, filled with a series of joyous laughter, do not wave and sigh, feel the flowers are exhausted, courage, do n��t forget to pass the surprise off In this flower season, we meet and know each other, in this flower season, we spend a dream-like age, in this flower season, we struggle without regret! My friends, we are about to accept separation, learn to be calm, and do n��t say much about "cherish and cherish". Even if separated, do n��t forget to forget those three years, our friendship will not change anything, life always gives us a surprise, When we accept this big family Wholesale Cigarettes, when we know each other, time has come to an end, time is indeed wonderful, I hope it takes us to leap, but it is so slow, waiting to experience the taste, want to stay longer However, it rushed away like falling flowers. Slow, fast, fast, slow, slow, sad, happy, bitter. Sorrow and suffering are companions, and joy and joy go together. Gathering and dispersing are all destiny, and the relationship is always of love Marlboro Cigarettes. Years are like a stream, and I look back suddenly, but people have gone to the empty space, not to worry, not to worry, but not to life. Thousands of words turned into a blessing and looked back. A string of sweet and bitter yesterday, yesterday, still running on the playground, yesterday, still playing in the classroom, yesterday, still teasing each other, yesterday ... What a beautiful yesterday, What a memorable yesterday is our forever yesterday. We ca n��t catch every sentence we said together yesterday. We used to be stupid. We used to treat the teacher with the enemy. We used to be ignorant together. Unreasonable, the part of the road we once traveled together, we once cried together, those bits and pieces are countless, are indistinct, are incomplete memories, but are a smile that makes us unconscious, this smile , As if all the unrequited love and reluctance were collected in the short time, let us leave this love, let us all leave nostalgia, carved our self-confidence and tranquility, the mark remains in our atrium , Let us all with reluctance, rush to our tomorrow, our future, the current parting does not mean a permanent separation, parting is just a pursuit Point. In the place where the sunset falls, we wave our hands to say goodbye; on the horizon that rises in the morning sun, we will meet again for three years in a hurry, and share a piece of sunshine; a thousand days, we wrote most of the chapters of friendship
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