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the hand holding the iron
08.05.20 03:59
the hand holding the iron

There are so many "firsts" in my life, they are like footprints, printed on the road of my growth. In my growth, the most impressive "first time" is the first time I ride a camel. At that time, we planned to ride a camel to visit Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring. I was both excited to be able to ride a camel, but also worried that the sturdy camel would knock me over or kick it. Finally, with the encouragement of my parents, curiosity overcomes fear, and I decided to give it a try. We quickly came to the camel team, and saw the fat and strong camels kneeling gently on the ground, basking in the sun calmly, and my dangling heart finally fell. My mother and I got on the first camel, which was a two-humped camel, and the two could only barely squeeze between the two humps. Holding hands and feet on the iron frame between the camel's neck and hump, respectively, there is a slight sense of security. Look at the camel's clean fur, and the big soft eyes shy under the long eyelashes, and the feeling of kindness to this guy grows more and more in my heart. Before I can observe enough, the camel team is about to set off. When the camel puller ordered it, the camel's butt turned upright, and I felt that my body was about to be turned upside down, frightening my hands holding the iron frame into cold sweat. Then, the front of the camel also shrugged, and I regained my balance. It turned out that the camel kneeling stood up. At this time, I was far away from the ground, and the hand holding the iron frame couldn't help but make it harder. The camel team set off Cigarettes Online. The camel's flat and broad hooves walked on the soft desert, like the duck's foot paddling in the water Cheap Cigarettes. No effort. No wonder the camel is known as the desert boat. The camel is relaxed, but the person riding on it is not easy. The camel ups and downs are very large at each step, and the wind and sand are fierce. It is easy to throw off the hat on the head and scrape off the veil on the face. Mobile phones and drinking glasses will inevitably slip away Newport Cigarettes Coupons. As a result, the people who led the camels had to stop the camels and walked back to pick up the things for the tourists. Hey, we can finally rest! "I was thinking while drinking water. Suddenly, I felt my right foot wet. When I looked down, it turned out that the camel turned his head and sniffing my slippers! Oh my god, it actually put the green slippers on my feet. It ��s a fresh plant! Would n��t it bite it down? I hurriedly retracted my feet, how come I know that the camel turned his head to my other foot again, and I retracted this foot, retracted I almost fell off when I went there �� fortunately, the camel came back in time, shouting at the camel team and continued to move forward, but I was scared out of the cold sweat. Slowly, I gradually adapted to the bumpy rhythm of the camel ��s stride, grasping the balance , You can let go and relax and enjoy the fun of riding
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