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rmth of family and finally t
08.05.20 04:00
rmth of family and finally t

I have a family, a happy, happy, and happy family. There are four people in the family. The warmth of the family makes me feel warm. I love my family, and I love my family. Every family will have a "head", and the head of my family is my father. Dad has a "black" skin, because Dad likes to exercise the most. Every day, Dad will work hard. Once the work is completed, Dad is like a rocket that can't stop. My dad would go around the mountain at least once, and sometimes ride a bike up the mountain. My father ��s obsession and perseverance in sports deeply admired me. Dad is also very tender sometimes, like a soft kitten, he will agree with whatever I want, and sometimes he is very strict, like a ferocious big tiger, which makes me scared and trembling to face he. Whether dad is tender or stern, I know that dad loves me, and I love my dad. My mother is in charge of housework. Look, washing clothes, cooking, mopping the floor, wiping the table ... The hard-working mother is so busy, do n��t mention working. Whenever doing housework, the sweat beads on the mother's forehead dripped down the cheeks, and there were even strands of white hair between the temples. Wasn't this white hair the trace of the mother's concern for the whole family? My mother is also very strict with my study and often supervises my homework. "The word is too ugly!" "Wrong writing here, go and change it!" ...... My ears are impatient, but I know her well It ��s good for me Online Cigarettes, and I will follow her orders. My mother loves me, and I love my mother. There is another brother in my family. Speaking of him, I get angry. He didn't let me touch anything. If I touched it, I might have a fight. There are delicious food, he always robs me, but at the end, he has to be robbed of him, I can only leave in despair, and sometimes leave crying. Although my brother often bullies me and the two are noisy, I still thank him. He let me feel the warmth of family and finally talk about myself. I am a TV fan. When I have time, the first thing is to pick up The remote device turns on the TV Cheap Cigarettes. But I was annoyed when I saw a long advertisement. I usually felt that the time was flying fast. One minute was not as short as one second Newport 100S. It passed in a blink of an eye, but one minute of the advertisement seemed to be longer than an hour, waiting for me to stomped. Destroy my good mood to watch TV. But I know that watching TV is bad for my eyes and it will affect my study, so I will combine work and rest, watch less TV and focus on learning, so as not to worry my parents. This is my dear family , A paradise of love and affection, welcome you to come to my house as a guest
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