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Time is like an arrow, da
14.05.20 09:10
Time is like an arrow, da

Time is like an arrow, day and moon are like a shuttle, and time passes quietly in the alternation of day and night. Another busy day passed, and You Jun, who was the master, was lying on the bed lazily. His mood is relaxed, but his few small classmates are indeed very calm. "Hey! I have to be so busy every day. But I'm exhausted." A pair of dark, dark eyes said gloomily. "Are you tired alone? I'm more tired than you." The mouth was upset when he heard this. "Don't say, how can you be tired of me?" The ears also interjected. Just such a brand new topic was opened, and a fierce debate was in progress. "I accompany the little master every day to explore the dense fonts on the books. I also have to play games with the little master. The little master never loves me. Am I not the most tired?" The eyes pretended to sigh. "Huh, why are you tired of me? The little master's parents make good food for the little master every day, and I can only smell it, but can't taste it. Isn't this a kind of pain?" And I can only listen to the little master ��s mouth whispering every day. Not to mention tasting, I ca n��t even smell it. And the roar of the roadside car shocked me so much, so ah, to say the most It ��s me who ��s tired Marlboro Red. ��The ears hit the nose aside. "Do n��t look at my superficial scenery, in fact, I am the most tired one. The little master is debating loudly with others every day, regardless of my feelings. Every day I yearn for the moisture of the water. But the little master gave me A bottle of unknown drink. The little master is comfortable, but what about me? "The mouth also cried pitifully Newport 100S. "I'm no better than you. The little master is scorning me every day. Every day I blame me for not being the enviable eyebrow shape of Liu Yuemei Wholesale Cigarettes. I have to bear the pressure of the little master's scorn every day. I am the most tired." This time and a half. A few small classmates failed to tell who was the most tired. "Let's go and find Grandpa Lian to help us decide." The proposal of the eyes has been approved by everyone. Grandpa Face heard their passing and could n��t help laughing: ��Children, you are all indispensable partners of the little master, why argue about these? No matter who is the most tired of you, you ca n��t deny you In the position of the little master. It is indispensable. If you want to rely on who is the most tired to get the little master ��s recognition, then you are too tired to live. "The five senses were silent for a time. What if it does n��t matter how hard or tired? Is it possible that our brothers can only compete with each other like this? "It took a long time before a sigh of shame came. Just like this, a match without a smoke ended in a tie.
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