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kles on his face criss-crosse
14.05.20 09:11
kles on his face criss-crosse

I walked easily on the road, and saw a teenager of my age looking sad. Without saying a word, I walked up quickly. My right hand patted his shoulder gently, and a bright smile appeared on my face. "You're crazy!" He didn't appreciate it, and he scolded me. Is it neuropathy? maybe. I secretly find it funny because I really encountered a "neuropathy" before. That day, I lost Jingzhou and lost to Maicheng, and my results plummeted 3,000 feet. In a flash, I felt the sky was cracking, and the sad ones were carried away. My deskmate went out for a walk with me to ease my mood. But walking on the road, my mood has not improved. I looked at the passers-by who were talking and laughing in pairs, and my heart became more and more depressed. Suddenly an old man in a ragged, dirty body hit me. I thought he would apologize to me, but he just smiled slightly. I was annoyed at this moment and couldn't help but yell loudly: "You're crazy, you can still laugh when you hit it." He didn't reply, patted the broken bowl in his hand, and then strode out. He wasn't in a good mood, but now he feels even more depressed. Not to mention that he left lumps of dirt on my white clothes. Thinking of this, I couldn't help but scolded. The next day I was still walking alone on the street Marlboro Lights, and the old man appeared in my eyes again. Yesterday's scene came to my mind, and I almost couldn't help but scold him. He didn't care about my disgusting eyes, and still gave me a smile. It was only then that I seriously looked at him. His face was dirty, and wrinkles on his face criss-crossed, forming deep grooves. But his eyes were very clean, no trace of filth was visible, and a sharp contrast with his face. He smiled sincerely at me, without any trace of fraudulent ingredients. A silent smile is comparable to a thousand words of encouragement. Even a poor person can face life with a smile Cheap Cigarettes, what qualifications do I have to worry? My heart seemed to be swept by a breeze, and there was unspeakable comfort. The restless heart calmed down. "Thank you." I spoke gently. He just pointed to his mouth and waved his hand. He seemed to be a dumb man, but his smile gave me great encouragement. I want to say something again, but the words seem to be stuck in my throat and I can't say a word. When I raised my eyes again, I hadn't seen him for some time after he had been drowned by the bustling crowd. He can no longer be found in the busy crowd, and no one like him can be found. But his smile has always been in my heart Marlboro Red, if he leaves this city, then I am willing to replace him and become the second "he
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