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ing a doctor can be a rewarding profes
18.05.20 04:42
ing a doctor can be a rewarding profes

Life as a doctor can be rewarding as well as satisfying if one enjoys what they do on a daily basis. They know that their purpose is to take special care of their patients Mookie Betts Red Sox Jersey , and much of that has to do with everything they have learned from medical school even to the present day that they are seeing their patients. This will be an article about doctors, and the role they have in their profession.

It might be thought to be an easy thing to see ones patients everyday, and the doctor just goes home everyday after work. However, there are many things that one does as a doctor to get to the point that they are treating each and every one of their patients with high quality care. For example, much of the knowledge that one attains in their practice was learned when they went to school.

Once they begin their medical training J. D. Martinez Red Sox Jersey , that information is honed even more depending on the specialty they go into. They begin to focus more on the types of patients they are seeing, and they begin expand the knowledge on those specific disease processes.

Much of their time is spent not only seeing the patients but also assuring that the decisions that they make are the correct ones. It is important to know that they are not leaving out any specific diagnoses that could be included in the category of diseases that they are contemplating about.

One example would be chest pain. Chest pain can be caused by many different things. It would not be a good decision if a physician said that the person is only having a heart attack when there are other reasons for chest pain. In the chest, there are several structures like the lungs, ribs, heart Blake Swihart Red Sox Jersey , aorta, and esophagus. So, the person might be experience acid reflux or pneumonia. These are only a two examples, but it is the job of the doctor to make sure that he or she has the correct diagnosis before treating the patient.

They have multiple patients, so with each patient that presents to the doctor in the office or in the hospital Jackie Bradley Jr Red Sox Jersey , he or she has to run through the same steps to make sure they are caring for their patient correctly. Once they have the diagnosis, they have to make sure they have all management tools in place. Usually, if a person is in the hospital, they need multiple points of care. A patient does not only get one drug for their problem. Many times they need nutritional supplement. They will need extra medications to help with sleep or pain. They will also need devices to prevent other problems from occurring like blood clots in the legs.

Therefore, caring for many patients requires extensive knowledge. The one thing that doctors are told is to do no harm to the patient Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Jersey , and it takes an astute person to keep this oath.

Becoming a doctor can be a rewarding profession. It takes dedicated people to work through a sometimes rough environment. In the end, most doctors are happy with their decision to become one.
If circumcision were a choice I had to have made, I would have run frantically from the hospital with my newborn son to protect him from the procedure. His father would have chased me down, insisting his son 'look like he did.? All I can say is I'm terribly relieved I didn't have to live through that. Nor did I have to make the agonizing choice of protecting my baby from pain or disrespecting my husband. It would have been a huge battle of conscience. I was spared and given daughters.

The decision to circumcise an infant boy or not is, in the USA and I'm assuming David Price Red Sox Jersey , most of the world, still a parent's sole responsibility. More and more doctors and pediatricians are recommending against routine circumcision. The controversy is beginning to reach epidemic proportions and will soon be a major issue facing new parents. I feel very sorry for those parents. They will be bombarded with opinions at every turn and surely go though hell with it, unless they have settled this issue between them before the baby's birth. Hopefully, they will agree. The problem I foresee is the parents not agreeing on circumcision, creating a stressful situation where there should be only joy.

Cultural tradition and religious practices notwithstanding Xander Bogaerts Red Sox Jersey , there is no longer a medical or rational reason to circumcise a child other than for purely ?cosmetic? reasons. Circumcision is a very painful procedure,

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