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There are bare branches
21.05.20 08:57
There are bare branches

There are bare branches, baldness, and baldness ... "Listen, our group of" little gangsters "are singing their own songs and are climbing the wall! At that time Cigarettes Online, we were turning into the backyard next door every day, climbing trees, shaking peach blossoms, watching Peach Blossom Rain ... No, we climbed up the wall again, and over the wall, one jumped on the tree, one shook the trunk, "Three, two, one, shake!" The "gangster" commanded, and in an instant, "Brush ..." The green leaves of the peach blossoms all fell down. As soon as we finished shaking, we stood behind the tree to see the colorful peach blossom rain, to see the peach blossom rain mixed with green leaves, and wait for the peach blossom rain. " When the "rainfall" decreased, we ran and shook again, and the people on the tree picked the flowers and leaves for us when there were only scattered flowers and leaves on the tree Wholesale Cigarettes. Dumbo ... "Hearing a footstep, we quickly" hidden "and it was the owner of this yard-Aunt Li! She muttered to herself:" What is going on today, with such a strong wind, My peach blossoms are all gone ... "Let's just say, he turned around and went back to the back room. As soon as Aunt Li left, we went again. "Get up, it's time to play, it's time to go up," Peach Blossom Rain "goes down again: once it will be pink with red, and once it will be red with pink, all kinds of colors, all" fly " I was shaking. I turned around by accident and saw Aunt Li. She shook her head and said, "Ah, I still have the wind. It turns out that you are shaking the tree! Forget it, it seems that you are For the sake of children, I do n��t care about you, children are instinct to play! "She shook her head again and went back to the house. After we listened, we all slipped out of the backyard and walked out of the wall. Sure enough, this autumn, the whole garden had only five big baskets of peaches. Not enough! We looked at Aunt Li, who was still giving us peaches with enthusiasm as usual, and felt very guilty. When we saw another fruitless tree in the yard, we felt more guilty. Now, our yard is also full. The only difference is that the owner has changed, and there are no naughty children like us in the past. The big peach in a yard, and the laughter and play of the children of the past, are both lively and deserted. If it ��s Ms. Li, she will definitely hold a peach feast Marlboro Lights, so that everyone has a happy smile on her face.
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