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Best Orthopedic Surgicals Manufacturing Company in India
22.05.20 08:12

Best Orthopedic Surgicals Manufacturing Company in India

The Siora Orthopedic Locking Plates are precision manufactured following international standards to serve Orthopedic surgeons in different countries. There are broadly three categories of locking plates viz. Microlock Locking Hand System, Small Fragment Locking Plate System and Large Fragment Locking Plate System suited for different bones of Human anatomy.

You would probably know about the company "Siora Surgicals". It is an orthopedic manufacturing company since three decades and from this company you will be able to get all types of orthopedic implants & instruments at an affordable price range. Here is some of the following products you can get from Siora Surgicals,

Orthopedic implants for interlocking nails.
Adroit AFN Nailing System
Orthopedic Locking Compression Plates.
External Fixator System
Tibia & Femur Interlocking System
Hip Prosthesis
PFNA- II (Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation)
Tibia & Femur Interlocking System
TFN / PFN Nailing System
Interlocking Nails
Supra Condylar Nailing System

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