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22.06.20 03:09

Instant Peace: Non-resistance Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys , Part 1 Self Help Articles | March 14, 2007

Can you be peaceful no matter what is happening around you, no matter where you are? If you can't, often times you are resisting inwardly what is happening around you. Read this series of articles to help you find some inner peace.

Inner resistance brings unhappiness

Can you be peaceful everywhere you are? No matter what is happening around you, no matter what you are doing?

?When hot be thoroughly hot Cheap Hockey Jerseys , when cold be thoroughly cold.?

I forgot where I read this quote, and I can?t find it any more, but over the years it?s stuck with me. I don't even know if I have quoted it right. But that's not important. What's important is: Do you understand it?

It hides one of the secrets of peace ? non-resistance. Inner resistance disrupts peace. (Note: For some events like abuse, please read on to part 2 at the Urban Monk website - that requires special treatment and concerns outer resistance.)

Go with the flow, roll with the punches

Back to the quote. Why are you fighting the heat? Why are you fighting the cold? Fighting the heat is causing the discomfort. Telling yourself "I don't want this; I wish I was somewhere else Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys , I hate this feeling." That is causing the true source of the discomfort.

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