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30.06.20 08:30

Of Good Golf Sports Articles | July 11 Albert Pujols Womens Jersey , 2005

Youve heard it said dozens of times. Golf is a game of ?feel?. You just know instinctively when somethings right or wrong for you.

It sounds a little confusing, doesnt it? Lets try to take that vague feeling and put it into words and action.

First off, lets address the technique of swinging with all your might. If you swing really hard, then you cant get the feel of a correctly hit ball and your muscles dont learn the feel of correct balance. When players have the feel of the shot, their muscles and sense of touch are tuned in to the correct gauge and balance and they just know they can hit the ball.

When you want to lunge at the ball Nolan Ryan Womens Jersey , your power should be developed by twisting your body. If you learn this, it wont take 3 or 4 years before youre hitting the ball a good distance. When you keep failing with a certain shot, just stop and think what youre doing, what youre trying to accomplish. Dont try

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