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The correct method of washing hair can keep your hair best
16.07.20 04:00
The correct method of washing hair can keep your hair best

Washing hair weave is no big deal! That's right, but you can always optimise your shampooing routine to get the optimal start on proper hair care. Stay tuned for methods to shampoo your hair with best results and tender loving care
Shampooing quickly turns into routine like brushing teeth or cutting nails. Maybe it is time to put some thought into the hair washing routine to take advantage of the many good things you can do for your hair. Please look at the shampooing instructions below and see whether you can still improve the way you shampoo your hair.
How to wash your straight lace front wigs?

Most of people think wash their hair extensions human hair wigs is as same like wash their natural hair. Thatís wrong. Even though hair extension is made by human hair, it had been separated from human body. It means hair extension canít absorb nutrition from our scalp anymore, it is more fragile than your natural hair. You need to pay more attention to treating them well.

How often do you wash your hair extension?

Specific situation, specific analysis. Just remember one thing: do not wash your wavy hair weave every day.

Over wash will make them become dry. If your located is hot, you can wash your hair extension every 3-5 days, if not, 8-10 days is enough.

What kinds of hair care products should you choose?

There are thousands of hair care product in the market, which one is the best for your hair extension? First of all, you should learn to see composition table on products and choose a moisturizing formula hair care product, without sulfate and alcohol. Because these two ingredients will damage hair and make your hair extension become drier and easier to become tangle.

The another necessary thing is using hair conditioner. It can repair the cuticle layers, make it more shining, protect your hair extension form top to end, and extend longevity of your extension.

Some tips of washing your hair extension.
During you washing your hair extension, you can use comb to comb straight and body wave hair, but for small curls hair, you can just use your hand instead of comb to comb them. Be gentle to treat them, use your finger remove tangles and make your hair extension smoothly. This action can reduce shed of your hair extension and make the cleaning process more easily.

Remember dry your hair extension after washed. If you want to wear them right now, you can use hair dryer. Just make sure the temperatures is not too high. The best way is using a new and dry towel to absorb extra water, let your hair extension to dry naturally.

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